Connect. Share. Belong.

You are driven and passionate. You are motivated, strong, and courageous. You are focused on where you need to go.

We are too  … on our best days.

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With all the demands in your life, sometimes you don’t feel so confident, right? Although you want to live a life with more meaning, you don’t have the energy to make the change. Your courage wanes: you feel alone. Your inner fire sputters. Yet, that spark inside is telling you to go for it, to take a leap of faith, to start creating a life that truly reflects who you are.

Let us support you with that! Spark Retreat is where you can release the busy-ness and listen to your gut. You will return home with the thrill and excitement of your newfound sisterhood of like-minded women. Brimming with spirit, and maybe even your next Big Idea.

At Spark, we guide you to find your inner strength, your courage.

We blow on tiny embers to create wild fire.

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Why a retreat?

Meet other amazing women who are going through the same things you are.

To take a few days out from your everyday life is energizing, nourishing, and relaxing.

Step away from the complications of life. They fall away, and you are able to focus on that thing that brings you real meaning and purpose—whether it’s mindfully living your life, working on a small business, nurturing a creative endeavour, or a combination of all three.

Decide to matter. You, your ideas, your energy, your being: you matter. Yes, you.

Surround yourself with encouragement, love, and support. Here, the fears slip away and you are better able to focus on your own wisdom. It’s there: trust us.

Focusing on yourself and your dreams is a courageous act of self-love.

Afterward, return to your life with more courage and confidence. You’ll be a few steps closer to making your dream real. You will return fully rested, fired up, inspired, supported, and recharged. You’ll feel more like you. And we promise, your world will not completely fall apart while you are gone.

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Recharge. Connect. Share. Belong.

Spark Retreat is a getaway not only to recharge your soul, but also to connect deeply with other women. When you open up, in a safe place, you can’t help but come out stronger than when you went in.

At Spark Retreat, we are committed to nurturing and respect: of ourselves and of each other. We learn and share together. At Spark, we dig deep, connect with the divine, and determine what makes our spark our own.

What you will get out of Spark Retreat

  • Retreat. Here you’ll find the peace and quiet you need to really explore that spark of an idea.
  • Communion. You will create a supportive community of women who encourage you. You’ll have soul-stirring conversations with like-minded women who are stepping into some of the same struggles and successes as you. You will be seen, heard, and understood. You will belong. The fear of doing it all alone will slip away. The women you meet here will become lifelong friends, business partners, and your cheering squad.
  • Compassion. You’ll be guided by loving, compassionate women. We’ve all been where you are now: some of us are only a few steps further along the path. But what we really want is for you to be yourself, completely. We create a safe and welcoming space for you to share your ideas, and we’ll hold your hand (both metaphorically and physically) as you dig in and find your inner strength.
  • Trust in yourself. You will realize that you can take time for yourself and the world will carry on. The people closest to you need and love you dearly, but they also want to see you at your best—re-energized, strong, and courageous. Your relationships with your loved ones can only get better when you trust that you can do this. Yes, it’s scary. And, yes, you can.
  • Nourishment of the body. You won’t need to think about cooking the entire time you are at Spark. You’ll be taken care of completely with delicious, healthy meals and snacks that will give you the energy you need. Did we mention you don’t need to clean up either?
  • Nourishment of the soul. Spark is a safe place to be vulnerable, to share your deepest desires, and to voice your dreams for the future. You will build confidence and trust in yourself to make what means most to you a bigger part of your life. You will beam with joy from truly knowing what your gut already knew. You will renew faith in yourself. Whether it’s making products that make a difference in people’s lives, art that touches people’s hearts, or deeper relationships with your friends and family that nurture and bring you together; confidently moving towards these goals will make you glow.

What you won’t get out of Spark Retreat

This isn’t the place to go if you want to attend seminars and listen to “experts” drone on and on about what you “should” be doing to make you and your business better. There will be no banquet halls at a cheap downtown motel where the coffee tastes like it was made last month and the carpet from the ‘70s is more interesting than the presenters.


Step into your light

At Spark you bring your strengths to the surface, give them a name, and channel them in a way that makes you shine.

What could be better than doing all that in an inspiring place with other creative, fiery women?

What past participants have done after Spark Retreat

We’ll admit that taking the time to get away from it all is pretty luxurious. Getting yourself to the retreat will take some organizing on your part. We know that it might be difficult or scary for you. We also know that the benefits of coming to Spark are huge. Much of the value of going to a retreat is actually what happens afterwards. Here’s what past participants of Spark have changed in their lives, by making that commitment to themselves and coming to Spark.

  • committed to more time in the creative studio – painting, making, writing, playing.
  • quit jobs that no longer served or nourished them.
  • strengthened their relationships with kids, spouses, friends, and family.
  • started business that fed their soul and allowed them to help others do the same.
  • sparked fire in their life and had a baby!
  • nurtured and deepened the real-life friendships they started at Spark.
  • won awards (including NYER Small Business Award: Best Practice Green Business 2013!).
  • truly devoted to living their daily lives more fully, even without major life changes.
  • published books.
  • taken a sabbatical in France for three months.
  • built community around themselves and for their clients.
  • got more in touch with their intuition.
  • focused on bringing more art and beauty into their lives.
  • found strength in themselves they never knew they had.
  • created art in hundreds of ways.
  • coached businesses across the west coast on creating marketing and buy-local campaigns that have brought growth, excitement, and regeneration into hundreds of small towns.
  • become leaders.
  • expanded their restaurant.
  • got clear on their superpowers.
  • and more!

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What happens at Spark?

You will tap into your inner wisdom, community-build, search your soul, play, and move your body. You’ll experience learning and sharing in the workshops, movement sessions to keep you flexible and open, campfire discussions; and lots of spacious down-time to nap, integrate new information, or have tea with a new friend. And always, there will be love present as you work through that thing you want to manifest.

Listen to your gut: take action with your heart

Spark is a place where workshops invite you back to your fundamentals and through fear into joy; all while writing, working, and playing with your hands. It’s where friendships ignite: you will feel the sisterhood like it existed long before you discovered anyone’s name.

It’s where you will dig deep and soul-remember what makes your passionate spark your own. To step out of the shadows and into the light.

You are ready for this. You feel it in your bones.

Inspiring words from Colleen Attara

Is this the retreat for you?

Yes, if you

  • want to build confidence and trust in yourself, tap into your inner strength, and feel that courage return.
  • want real connection, support, and a sense of belonging.
  • are scared that if you don’t step towards your dreams, you will forever regret not taking the chance.
  • are fearful of taking the steps on your own but want to move forward surrounded by soul-sisters, friends, and women who totally get you.
  • are tired of using “being busy” as an excuse to stop you from moving toward bringing more meaning into your life.
  • feel the need to nurture your soul, your creativity, your body, your being.
  • can’t wait to re-ignite your inner spark.
  • want to act on that deep desire that can feel impossible, but that makes you grin from ear to ear every time you think about it. Even in the middle of the night.
  • want your partner to be even more attracted to you. Seriously, a deeper sense of confidence and groundedness is super sexy, baby!

No, if you

  • are afraid to see your own gorgeous firestorm.
  • always want to let your fears paralyze you and prevent you from becoming your truest, most sincere self.
  • aren’t ready to take responsibility for the epiphanies you’ll have.
  • feel you have enough support systems in your life.
  • don’t want to share, laugh, and have a life-changing experience.

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Spark Retreat is about reciprocal sharing + learning

We create conversations and inclusive workshops: not lectures. In the spirit of this sharing, we ask that you bring the following to the group.

An open mind: some of the things that you’ve been planning might change and evolve.

Knowledge that you aren’t coming to the retreat an empty vessel. You are already full of your own experiences, lessons, knowledge, understanding—you, too, are there to teach others!

Your successes and failures; experiences that have taught you lessons that you can share.

Willingness to participate in an engaging manner in soul-centered, whole-person-based discussions and brainstorming sessions.

This is an inclusive and cooperative learning experience.

Reignite your fire.

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